A2 – Immune Goat Whey and Organic Aronia Berry Powder


A2 – immune is a naturally produced protein concentrate which has been shown to increase intracellular glutathione. This provides the body with the amino acids methionine, arginine and cystine which are necessary for glutathione production that is needed for building a strong immune system. A2-immune contains very high antioxidants. The function of the antioxidants is to intercept and react with free radicals. A2-immune is a finally ground product, processed in a special way to retain all nutrients. Our  Whey Concentrate is only briefly  pasteurized at low temperature so remains undenatured. Thus the product’s ability to transfer its nutrients to you.


Hormone Free Goat Whey Protein Concentrate, Sunflower Lecithin, Chocolate, Organic Aronia Berries.
Contains Goat Milk.

Add One scoop of A2 Immune to 6-8 oz of water or your favorite milk or juice in a shaker bottle if possible. For more health challenges add another scoop in the evening. There is approximate 60 servings per bag for one to two months depending on the number of servings.

Net Weight:
12.8oz (360 gm)


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