What’s so special about the Aruka™ Brand ? 

The technical information about Aronia Berries is astounding. Below I have linked to technical information on the nutrients below.  You can find out more about these plant based constituents by clicking on the links. 

 The bioavailability of Aruka Wellness™ Aronia Berries is maximized because of the patented cold processing system. Resrvatrol, polyphenols, and anthocyanns, are often destroyed in conventional processing methods. Our products deliver the entire nutrient profile of the Aronia Berry in optimal form to you, to boost the performance of your immune system and increase intercellualar glutithione.



Glutathione, also referred to as GSH, is an endogenous component of cellular metabolism, a tripeptide composed of glycinecysteine, and glutamic acid. It is normally present in the liver at a concentration of 10 mmol l−1. It is an integral part of the biotransformation of xenobiotic substances, and serves to protect the body from reducing agents. Glutathione conjugation (facilitated by a family of glutathione transferase enzymes) helps contribute to detoxification by binding electrophiles that could otherwise bind to proteins or nucleic acids, resulting in cellular damage and genetic mutations. It has been reported that binding sites provided with true specificity for GSH exist in the central nervous system, and this satisfies the main requisite for considering GSH as a neuromediator in addition to its other functions.