Above are my little “Artpetal cards” they were created by pressing roses into paper and imagining what I could see in the stains. I made them into gift card enclosures, or Florist Cards. The process is interesting, you can see it on youtube, LINK

Each little card has a story, to see a video of each card go to this LINK 

Now they function as logos for “LeNor’s  Secrets That Keep™”, my Anti-Aging face cream. In addition to our Aronia Berry infused face cream, a box of all 13 cards, including a white envelope is also available.


How could I have known that I could heal my skin, my eyes,
(after cataract surgery), improve my vision, and in addition, tone my inner body muscular system, ease pain, thicken my hair, and revitalize my energy, without a doctor?


Hello, I am LeNor, and I am excited to talk about LeNor’s Healthstore because of  the health benefits many are getting from the products on our website.  First and foremost are Aronia Berries, I say this because of what it has done for my eyes.  I had formed cataracts  that were blinding me and I had to get the typical surgery many get. There was a mishap in the surgery, I won’t go into the painful details, but suffice it to say, that one year later I was in big trouble, the light was too bright and my left eye was so painful I had to wear a patch on it. In April of 2020 I began to take Aronia Berries in smoothies. But when the light got so bright that I could not go outside, I had to find a doctor. With the pandemic in full swing, I could not get an appointment. My solution was to double up on my Aronia Berry intake, since I had seen medical articles that promoted the berry for eye problems and for eye health in general. The situation cleared up, the brightness was gone and the whites of my eyes looked very white and bright, as they did when I was young. 

Pub Med Articles on Aronia Berry at Lenor's HealthstoreI did not expect this miracle to happen, but it did. I also had trouble driving at night even after surgery, the oncoming lights were too bright. This condition also corrected itself and I can now drive at night. 

Imagine what these Aronia Berries could do for someone who is forming cataracts.  There is another benefit that was unexpected it has to do with focus, memory, and balance. I have noticed my memory improving since I doubled my dose of Aronia, my focus is sharp and my memory is definitely improving.  My short term memory was in big trouble before, but now is much improved! This is EXCITING news that is backed up by Scientific Articles, which I will post links to on this site. 

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Getting nutrients from the foods you eat is the optimum for health. Just an opinion from a healthy woman. I don’t believe everything I see or read, and prefer to find out for myself.


LeNor’s Healthstore is an information source for health. As well as a shop for Joy enhancing products that contribute to Environ-Mental Health.

Health reaches into all aspects of your life. Relaxing, and taking care of your body and mind are the core aspects of health. Great moments and experiences enhance your health. I didn’t realize it, but enjoyment has a profound effect on health for me. You can enhance your health with nutrient dense foods, herbs, aromatherapy, and a beautiful environment. Environ-Mental Health!

There are healthy compounds that you should know about such a Quinic Acid, and what it can do for your immune health. One of our products, Aronia Berries, contains a good amount of it, and if you want to know what it does, take a look – Article on Science Direct: Antifungal Inhibitory Activities of Quinic Acid Derivatives

Did you know Cayenne Pepper can improve bone health? It has Chyptoxanthin. I bet you never heard of it!

Article from the Journal of Biomedical Science report on Chyptoxanthin makes this nutrient a stellar option in bone health.