Could there be a better time to build your Immune System ?

Fruits of Aronia Berry in the Prevention of Chronic Diseases: Pub Med Article Here

Potent Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant with the Tangy taste! Modern technology has enabled Aruka™ Wellness to create one of the most potent anti-oxidants in the world. The technical information about these products is astounding. The bioavailability of Aronia Berries is maximized because of the patented cold processing system. Resrvatrol, polyphenols, and anthocyanns, are often destroyed in conventional processing methods. Our products deliver the entire nutrient profile of the Aronia Berry in optimal form to you, to boost the performance of your immune system and increase intercellualar glutithione. 

On the  “Antioxidant Page” and the “Nutrient Profile” page technical information has been gathered for more information about the nutrients in Aruka™ products.